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Meet The Team

Ali Hamad 

Ali Hamad is a Registered Pharmacist in the state of Michigan. With over 9 years of pharmacy experience, Ali graduated in 2014 from Sullivan University with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. He was also a Pharmacy Manager at Walgreens and Walmart before opening Luxcare Pharmacy in Battle Creek, Michigan.



I love the personal service, and having a pharmacist who CARES! Ali helped me save over $300/month on my prescriptions. I switched from a big box pharmacy and am so glad I did. Ali made it super easy to switch, I just brought in my meds and he took care of the rest.
Check out LuxCare, you'll be so glad you did. Seriously - $300+/month in savings for me.
Thank you, Ali!

I truly enjoyed the personal attention and care. I learned they deliver for free, I can meet with the actual pharmacist, get real advice and save money! The place was really neat and clean. The drive-through is a big plus as well! I would definitely recommend stopping in and experience the difference for yourself.

I have already used Luxcare Pharmacy and my experience was great.Ali Hamad is the owner and very nice and helpful. This is a wonderful addition to our neighborhood. An essential service for the elderly and handicaped .He goes above what I expected in service.

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