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Your Medications, 

Made Easy.

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Taking multiple medications daily can be confusing. Did you forget to take a dose or have you taken one too many times? With Luxcare Pharmacy packaging program, we take the confusion out of taking your medication. Our Multi-Dose Packaging helps you take your medications just as the doctor ordered.

Each month you’ll receive four weekly disposable pill boxes that our pharmacists will fill with your morning, noon, evening, and bedtime medications for each day. What is even better? All of this can be done at no additional charge beyond your copay’s. We’ll call you each month to verify your medications and check for any problems or concerns.

If you are taking over the counter medications or vitamins, not a problem! We can include all your medications into the packs with competitive pricing. Each box also includes a list of your current medications, which is perfect to take to doctor’s appointments or the hospital in case of emergency.

Allow us to take the guess work out of your daily medication routine and join today.

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