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If you're looking for general information about HIV/AIDS, including treatment options and support, stop in Luxcare Pharmacy to speak with a Pharmacist. 


If you're looking for general information about HIV/AIDS, including treatment options and support, click the images for help.


Note: These links are provided for reference and informational purposes only and do not constitute any form of endorsement by Luxcare Pharmacy.  


AIDSinfo is a website developed by the Department of Health and Human Services. The site is a trusted source for all the information an HIV/AIDS sufferer or caregiver needs to help manage the disease – everything from medical guidelines and research studies to educational materials and commonly prescribed drugs.

AIDSinfo also has a list of the latest clinical trials as well as mobile resources that can be used to help manage complex treatment regimens and lifestyle changes.


The HIV Thrive mission is to help each individual live well & thrive, while living with HIV.

The goal is to promote the state of well being through comprehensive pharmaceutical care, diet, exercise and emotional and spiritual well-being. It is ALL these factors that enhance one’s life and improve quality of life and promote improved health and increased vitality.

While HIV drug therapy is essential in treating people with HIV, it is important to do all that is necessary to live as healthy a life possible and to do this we must encompass the WHOLE person and look at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of a person, so each individual has a chance to Thrive with HIV and live to their fullest.


The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) provides HIV-related service and approved medications to more than half a million people in need annually working in cooperation with state, city and local organizations to:

  • Help people with HIV/AIDS without sufficient healthcare coverage or financial resources

  • Provide grants to emerging communities in all 50 states and US territories

  • Improve the quality and availability of HIV/AIDS healthcare and support services

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